Set Up

What is the purpose of this bot?

The primary goal is to allow members of your Discord server to post Mythic+ key announcements on the forum. Those with access to the forum can then organize themselves to participate in the offered keys. This allows players who may not be actively playing World of Warcraft to stay informed about upcoming Mythic+ keys. It’s a community tool suitable for any type of community. You can also specify the key’s intended atmosphere: chill (default), push, or boost.

KeyPlanner also allows you, as a team, to plan your keys, prepare tips, and conduct debriefs once they are completed.

How to install and configure?

🚧 First and foremost, your server should be in Community mode. Don't worry, there is no risk, as you can disable this mode once the bot and forum are installed and configured. To do this, go to your server settings and click on the "Enable Community" tab. 🚧

Add the bot to your Discord server using this link: Click here

Congratulations, the bot is now on your Discord server, and all that’s left is to configure it!

Use the ‘init’ command to allow the bot to create the forum-like text channel:


The KeyPlanner forum should now be automatically created (Note: You cannot rename this text channel). Update its tags according to the current Mythic+ season using the ‘update’ command.


The configuration is complete! Each new season, you only need to use the ‘update’ command to update KeyPlanner.

How to use KeyPlanner

Use the ‘keyplanner’ command, specifying the key’s name, difficulty, when you want to run it, to publish it in your Discord forum. Optionally, you can add the key type and the minimum score expected.

/keyplanner Vortex Pinnacle 20 tomorrow push 2700

Once the key is completed, go to the relevant key post and use the ‘keyclose’ command.


What to do in case of an issue

A form is available here in case of any problems.

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